Advertising opportunities can become a minefield of choice and decisions

Gone are the days whereby advertising was restricted to magazines, trade journals, directories, billboards, televison and radio. Today’s advertising world now includes all this as well as all the online, social media and digital channels that now surround our everyday lives.

The essence of advertising remains the same: Concise and engaging messaging, targeted, relevant, well executed and engaging calls to action.

Choosing the correct channels depends on your target audience, products and services, timeframes and objectives. There’s little point in advertising on social media to the over 60’s, or under 20’s via trade journals; it sounds obvious, but you’ll be surprised how many get it so wrong.

At Williams&Crosby we evaluate your objectives, target audiences, products and services and budgets. Once these details are established we propose the right mix of advertising channels and then set to work on developing innovative, creative campaigns that are highly targeted, deliver results and are aligned with agreed objectives.