There is something magical about a superbly designed piece of literature

We love printed materials, the change of scale, format, weight, feel and smell, all the elements create an impression and therefore influence the viewer. They say never judge a book by its cover, but we do.

In the ever increasing digital age, sure there is a need for speed of deliver, to view on mobile devices and across platforms – hang on a moment, isn’t that a brochure? Plus you have weight, texture, interaction, it somehow feels tangible and permanent and it doesn’t go offline on the train!

Not everything can be replaced by digital media, and the tactile nature of a beautifully produced brochure can communicate more about you than just the information contained within it. Using specialised spot colour inks, metallics, foils, texture and embossings can enhance the product/service offering, making your message stands out from the crowd.

Of course the digital age has created the ability to provide and communicate quickly, to the masses and with the ease of editing. But it’s about creating the right balance and right solution for the target audience.