The power of direct mail is back!

Back in the 80’s and 90’s we were all inundated with direct mail and coined the phrase ‘junk mail’. Then along came the digital age and the birth of e-marketing. It was great, fast communication with no postage costs and we could even track delivery etc. so we moved away from ‘junk mail’ and created ‘e-junk mail’? Well not really, direct or e-mail only becomes ‘junk’ when it’s not relevant to the receiver.

A well targeted, creative and engaging direct mail piece is a winning formula to communicate and generate increased sales opportunity and that’s what good direct mail should be all about. Add to this the huge drop in ‘junk mail’ due to the increase in ‘e-junk mail’ and the opportunity to stand out has never been better, as we have proved for clients with recent projects. The power of direct mail is back!