Search Engine Optimisation & Social Media Optimisation


Are you struggling to be seen on the world wide web?

With so many websites out there and new ones appearing every day it can be difficult to get your site noticed

We can help get your site noticed by Google and other search engines. The way that search engines work is constantly changing and being updated, but we can help to get your website ranked to its optimum position. Increasingly Google is being influenced by Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and the hundreds of other sharing networks available. So if you want to gain a good ranking position it is imperative you have a strong Social Media presence.

Content Management and Article Writing

With our bespoke Content Management Systems, you can easily and quickly update your own website with only a few hours training. However, it’s all well and good knowing how to update your site, but you need the content to update it with!

Having up-to-date, fresh and relevant content on your website is absolutely vital, for SEO purposes, to increase traffic to your site and help to improve your Google ranking. Your main focus, however, should be on user experience. If you know anything about SEO, then you know that the use of keywords that are relevant to your business is vital. But you should also know that the over use of keywords, or keyword stuffing, is not something that Google looks kindly upon! The word to keep in mind here is relevance. Does your content offer answers to customers’ questions? Does is it provide useful information? Or is it just a jumble of buzzwords? Quality over quantity is always the best policy. 

As well as providing information, if you want to drive customers to your site, then a regularly updated blog is an indispensable SEO tool. Customers want information, but they also want to be entertained! They want to hear about your business, projects and what goes on behind the scenes. A blog can help them put a face to the name and make your business seem more personable and more approachable. It’s a great way to get customers to engage with your business and get a conversation going. It could be a light-hearted article about an office team-building day, or perhaps an informative piece offering helpful hints and advice related to your sector, or a short case study of a recently completed project, it all helps to drive traffic to your site and improve SEO.

This can of course all be very time consuming; writing content, articles, sharing and staying active across social media platforms, there’s no denying that it all takes time. That’s where we come in! At Williams&Crosby we offer social media management and content writing, with everything from blog articles to web content, to a fully managed social media calendar.

“I had worked with Ed and his team for over seven years and have been consistently impressed by the skill and service quality he provides to his clients. Williams&Crosby’s dedication and ability to deliver projects without fail are matched by their insight into the issues that businesses face and their creative passion to push the boundaries. They are a pleasure to work with and can be trusted to hold clients best interest at heart. I would happily recommend Williams&Crosby to anyone." JONATHAN MILLS, LEAD ASSOCIATE | Evoluu
“Williams&Crosby has become a core supplier to Focus Management Consultants providing a dedicated and professional level of service to our business. On a personal level I have found Ed to perform at a consistently high level. He has strong personal ethics and strives to deliver outstanding service in everything he does. The work he has delivered to date is of a very high standard and has significantly helped develop our brands. He is straight forward and challenging in his approach which helps deliver the excellent results." STEPHEN JONES, DIRECTOR | Focus Management Consultants Ltd
“We have worked with Williams and Crosby since the inception of our business in 2001 and consider them to be a significant component in our success to date. Having helped us with start up materials, exhibition displays and ongoing marketing we can not recommend them highly enough. Their creativity and innovation never ceases to surprise and delight, coupled with a professional manner, Ed and his team are a pleasure to work with. We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Williams and Crosby to you.” GREG SPENCER | VetTech Solutions
“I worked with Williams&Crosby on a number of key strategic projects. They always provided a service with extra value ensuring that communication was clear and up-to-date. Ed Williams offers creativity with a reliable professional service.” PIP HALLEWELL, CREATIVE SERVICES DIRECTOR | Worldspan Group
“W&C take quality of service to another level – their approach, outputs and response times are without equal. They care about your business at least as much as their own, which is as much as anyone can ask” SIMON WOOLLEY, MANAGING PARTNER | EOS Law LLP
“I found that whenevever I’ve worked with Williams&Crosby they’ve always been highly focused and professional in what ever we asked for. They are a detail-oriented creative agency and always delivered results. I would highly recommend Ed Williams and his team to anyone, and would look forward to working with Ed and his talented team on the next projects.” CRAIG BOOLES, CATEGORY EXECUTIVE | Government Procurement Service
“Williams&Crosby are a very talented creative agency. Their 360-degree vision and ability to immediately see ‘the bigger picture’ makes them a valuable asset to any company. But over and above that, Ed Williams and his team also brings commercial acumen and pragmatism to the task, giving clients the best of all worlds. Committed, passionate, sincere and genuine team players – one of the best!” DEBBIE GARRITTY, DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS | Manchester Mental Health & Social Care NHS Trust
“Having worked with Ed and his team on a number of varied projects over the years, I can honestly say that Williams&Crosby has provided some unique solutions that have helped iSOFT to create a unique and industry leading marketing presence. Through the numerous projects, always delivered on time, I’m always confident that they can deliver something which will match our needs and do it on time, every time.” ALEX GRAY, INTERNATIONAL MARKETING MANAGER | Imprivata
“Ed and his team are an excellent asset for business marketing, advertising design and web development with cutting edge results. I highly recommend Williams&Crosby – their quality and passion for brands is commendable. Thank you!” MICHAEL GREEN, RETAIL DIRECTOR | Al-Haddad Telecom
“We engaged Ed and his team to create a groundbreaking new brand for the remote working/virtual office sector. The result has been amazing. Velocity Virtual looks set to really change the virtual office market and Ed was very inspirational directing my vision for this brand. Williams&Crosby really understood the market and put together a brief that demonstrated an excellent understanding of the target market and customer. We are highly delighted with the outcomes and would not hesitate to recommend Edward Williams and his team at Williams&Crosby." STEPHEN MOORE, MARKETING & BRAND DEVELOPMENT | BE Group
“Ed was an excellent boss to work for! My time at Williams&Crosby occurred immediately after college (one of his designers spotted my work in the end of year show), and working there proved to be a terrific learning experience. Taking the knowledge gained in education and truly honing it to the point where I could truly consider myself an industry professional getting to deal directly with clients and also expand my skill set into areas as diverse as 3D Animation and Editing, Exhibition Stand Design and Graphic Design. The opportunities I had under Ed have directly led to where I am now, and that is due to his ability to glean the best work possible from the designers working under him, resulting in a design company where no job is too big or too small." HAROLD WITHERS, FREELANCE GAMES ARTIST & 3D ART LECTURER | Freelancer

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