Shaun Chatterton

Web Project Manager

Shaun joined Williams&Crosby full time in 2014 and has been building server-side bits of the internet since 2000. A certified level 2 Umbraco developer, with a firm grasp of SQL and the .Net framework, he has worked on sites for Eurostar, Lionhead Studios, Slumberland, local councils and various charities...

He has a knack for understanding a client's specific requirements, and turning them into intuitive, dependable systems.

When not hunched over a keyboard working, he's hunched over a keyboard building videogames, drinking single malts, playing with Lego or teaching children how to program as a CodeClub volunteer. As a result of this he probably has a lifespan similar to a whelk in a blast furnace and really should get more exercise.

He grew his beard before it became trendy to do so, and wishes more people knew this - so anybody listening...

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