C&O Powder Coatings

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C&O Powder Coatings

Responsive Website and Supporting Materials


To create a new, responsive website. It needed to be easily updated in-house via an easy to use content management system (CMS) and to form a platform for improved marketing presence and activities aimed primarily at architects and property specifiers, but not exclusively.


To take a step back and to reflect if this was going to meet requirements or be a missed opportunity.

We felt that looking at the website in isolation would indeed be a missed opportunity and wouldn’t do justice to the business or enable objectives to be fully met. We therefore requested we be given the opportunity to present our recommendations of what we believed they should consider. We felt so strongly about the potential missed opportunity we undertook the initial works without commitment or payment!

The proposed solution was to reposition C&O so that they weren’t seen as just another powder coaters. We wanted to position them as the people who would add value and turn a client’s vision into reality through the use of colour via powder coating. We therefore created: “Bring colour to your vision” 

Our rebranding solution is all about colour, combining bold type and a range of inter-changeable sheet colours to create distinctive impact.

The use of inter-changeable colours was used to great effect across various stationery items, support materials, brochure and e-communications. The branding could now be applied to the original brief, to create a new content managed Umbraco website that did justice to C&O’s skills, knowledge and high standards.

Additionally, we created a series of ‘free’ mobile billboards that travelled the length and breadth of the country. In effect, we identified that C&O had a fleet of vehicles with very little curb appeal. As a result, we extended the interchangeable brand colours to these as well, with each vehicle carrying it’s own unique image of coloured powders exploding across its side-curtains. We then also matched these to the cab unit, creating impactful mobile billboards that were instantly recognisable, memorable and ‘on brand’.

“We have worked with Williams and Crosby since the inception of our business in 2001 and consider them to be a significant component in our success to date. Having helped us with start up materials, exhibition displays and ongoing marketing we can not recommend them highly enough. Their creativity and innovation never ceases to surprise and delight, coupled with a professional manner, Ed and his team are a pleasure to work with. We have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Williams and Crosby to you.” GREG SPENCER | VetTech Solutions
“W&C take quality of service to another level – their approach, outputs and response times are without equal. They care about your business at least as much as their own, which is as much as anyone can ask” SIMON WOOLLEY, MANAGING PARTNER | EOS Law LLP
“I found that whenevever I’ve worked with Williams&Crosby they’ve always been highly focused and professional in what ever we asked for. They are a detail-oriented creative agency and always delivered results. I would highly recommend Ed Williams and his team to anyone, and would look forward to working with Ed and his talented team on the next projects.” CRAIG BOOLES, CATEGORY EXECUTIVE | Government Procurement Service
“Williams&Crosby are a very talented creative agency. Their 360-degree vision and ability to immediately see ‘the bigger picture’ makes them a valuable asset to any company. But over and above that, Ed Williams and his team also brings commercial acumen and pragmatism to the task, giving clients the best of all worlds. Committed, passionate, sincere and genuine team players – one of the best!” DEBBIE GARRITTY, DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS | Manchester Mental Health & Social Care NHS Trust

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