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So Foam Handwash So Gentle Soap So Hydrating Moisturiser So Sterile Gel Sanitiser So Hygienic Handwash So Gentle Soap So Refreshing Shower Foam Decosol Vinyl Renovator Decosol Cockpit Sheen Decosol Fabric and Carpet Cleaner Decosol Ultimate Shine Shampoo Decosol Ultimate Shine Shampoo 5L Decosol Ultra Shampoo and Shine Decosol Wheel Cleaner Decosol Concentrated Screenwash Decosol Concentrated Screenwash and De-Icer Decosol Concentrated Screenwash Small

Selden Research Ltd

Product Branding & Packaging


After acquiring the Decosol brand Selden needed to freshen the brand, align a disparate product range and give packaging shelf presence ready for full retail roll-out.


The logo was redesigned to reflect a retro car badge and placed in a distinct shape to appear in a common place on all packaging. Products were split into two ranges: Standard; aimed at a general market with cost in mind and Professional; aimed at prestige or classic car owners and professional car cleaning companies. The Standard range was designed for maximum impact using strong colour, typography and iconography to instantly inform potential purchasers what the product did whilst giving a product benefit/sales message. The Professional range was directed at the top end of market using keyline illustrations of classic/prestige cars and silver printing to reflect the quality of the product.

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