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Singleton Hall

Branding & Marketing Sales Materials


To create the branding and marketing/sales materials for a development of 22 £1m+ apartments in a to-be renovated 19th Century mansion house in Singleton Village.


Given the grandeur of the building, it's grounds and given the proposed pricing for the development, we knew that the branding had to be of a premium quality, as well as reflecting the historical importance of the property within Singleton. Additionally, we didn't feel that a 'coffee table' piece would do this project justice. What was required was a 'bookshelf' piece, something that could stay with the property from owner to owner, an historical documentation of the building's origins for it's present day owners.

The branding was to be classically elegant and to reference the original family's coat of arms. The property document was to reflect the by-gone era of hand craftsmanship seen in the building's stained glass windows, stonework, cornices and carved staircases. For this, we created a traditionally hand finished, hard bound brochure of 90+ oversized pages. The cover was bound in a traditional linen binding material, emblazoned with a laser cut stainless monogrammed plate and foil embossing. The pages were a combination of oversized rich cotton paper, simulated trace and roll out triple-page spreads displaying the grounds and floor plans.

With extensive research into the building, it's architects, original owners and the village itself, the pages of the brochure take purchasers through the buildings history, how it gave birth to Singleton Village, it's key role in the community and it's evolution from private residence, to school, to children's home, before returning to a private residence.

In addition to the historical information, the brochure included details of the renovation work, floor and site plans, specification and renders of the stunning newly-developed apartments. In order to maintain the personalised and historical nature of the bookshelf piece, we included a section for future owners to add their name, date of purchase, occupation and a brief note about themselves, thus continuing the history of the property for future occupiers.

The branding and bookshelf piece were just a couple of the items that we created for this project. We also designed the sales unit for the development, which was fitted with walnut floors, leather walls and bespoke furniture. We also provided site hoarding, a micro-website, a cut-down version of the main brochure for general enquiries, advertising and presentation materials.

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